Monday, Monday, Monday.

Hello everyone,

Recently I have been helping with building mountain bike trails at my local trail network with a group of people called the River Rats. The River Rats have been working on these trails for years, so we decide to get in contact with them to help them build trails.

Iron curtian thingy

After two days out working on the trails we got invited to go for a ride with two of the river rats. We rode lots of different trails but one of them was called Monday’s Child. This is a relatively long trail with lots of boardwalks. We just happened to ride this trail on a Monday with Al Munday (which is why I named the post).



This was a very fun ride and I really enjoyed it

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Trail Maintenance: Parmesan

Hello everybody,

I mountain bike a lot, so I have gotten in contact with the people who build the trails that I ride on so I can help build the trails.

I like to think about the trail network that we ride on like a buffet because everything is there to ride but you only ride what you want to. But if there is a buffet, then someone has to make the food. In this case, most of the food (or trails) is made by a group of people called the River Rats.  They make lots of trails but the most recent one that they have been working on is called Parmesan. When we learned that they were building trails we had to help out, so we went to help build Parmesan.

Love my Parm.

Laura Gilchrist via Compfight

Parmesan is trail that starts after two other trails that are name Spaghetti factory and Meatball (which is quite appropriate for the food analogy).  So far it has lots of steep downhill sections and a few climbs. I was mostly working on the bottom section because all of the trees were cut out, so I was clearing most and making the trail ride able. I was using an awesome tool called a Rouge Hoe, which is basically a hoe with a big, sharpened, head which works great for clearing moss and moving dirt to improve the trail.

So far this is an awesome trail, and I can’t wait till it’s done.
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Trail Maintenance: Ogopogo

Hello everybody,

If you have read the introduction post for this series, you would know that I have been helping with trail building recently. This post is about the rebuilding of a broken bridge on a trail called Ogopogo.


When I first saw this trail a few months ago the entire bridge was covered in about four inches of snow with a big sheet of ice underneath. Of course I didn’t ride it that day, but is was still scary walking down it with my bike.  I also got very wet because there was different bridge that was out further down the trail, so we tried to ride through the creek and I fell into it.

After that happened the main bridge collapsed into the creek due to lots of water so the people who built the bridge (and most of the other trails that we ride) told us that they were going out to fix it,so we went out and joined them.

We spent about three hours moving the bridge and trying to get it back in place an we eventually fixed it, and now it is back in action, and I was the first one to ride it.

Trail Maintenance Intro

Hello everybody,

If you have read my about me, you would know that I LOVE mountain biking.

Recently my dad and I have gotten into contact with the group of people that have built most of the trails that we ride, so we decided  to occasionally go out and help and  help them with building and maintaining trails.

I will be creating a few more posts about this topic so stay tuned for them. Thanks for reading,


Remembrance: One Soldier

A Field of Mud The mud at Passchendaele slowed all movement to a crawl, and left advancing troops exposed to enemy fire for longer periods of time during attacks. George Metcalf Archival Collection CWM 19930013-512

One soldier
One soldier, alone and sad
Waiting for help or the war to end
He thinks of his friends and the family he’s lost
He wonders what is happening to the family he still has, or if he still has them at all
He wishes for this terrible war to end
One soldier, alone and sad
Laying there dying
As he hopes to save others from the same fate

My Top 5 Favourite Biking Trails

Hello everybody,
I really love mountain biking, but because I broke my arm while biking a few weeks ago, I haven’t been able to ride. Even though I can’t ride my bike I still would like to share some things about biking, so here are my top 5 favourite biking trails.

5. Rhizome
Rhizome is a very rooty black diamond trail. I’ve only ridden this trail once, but when I did, I really enjoyed it. This trail starts right next to a radio tower at the highest point of the area that we ride in, and the day that we rode this trail it was pouring rain and there was even some lightning!

4. Blue Collar
Blue Collar is a fun blue trail with a good amount of roots, drops, and bridges. I’ve ridden this trail lots, because it ties in very well with our normal route that we ride. It is a great way to start a ride, and I really enjoy this trail.

3. Vanilla
Vanilla is a fun, flowing trail. When we go riding we normally ride this trail to start our ride, because it is great to warm up your muscles and have fun at the same time. There are a few roots and drops, and it is a brand new trails that isn’t even marked on maps.

2. Railroad/Crafty Butcher
The reason that I am combining these two trails together is the fact that Railroad is super short and it goes straight into Crafty Butcher. Railroad is a steep trail that has lots of uphills and downhills for of a trail of it’s size. There is one SUPER steep hill with lots of rocks and boulders on it. Crafty Butcher is a rather long trail with lots of drops and other fun additions. Some of those features include: A big built up wooden corner, a rather large rocky drop, and lots of boardwalks. There used to be a double teeter totter (a board walk with two consecutive teeter totters) but it had to be removed because it was broken.

Here is a video of me riding down a steep hill on railroad:

My dad riding the old teeter totter (I couldn’t find any of me).

1. Thirsty Beaver

Thirsty beaver is a really technical black diamond trail with lots of long boardwalks. One of the reasons that I like this trail so much is because it was the first trail that I ever rode in this riding area. Sadly, only the lower section of this trail is currently ridable due to active logging in the area, but there are people already working on rebuilding the top section.

Here is a video of me riding one of the boardwalks. (Filmed by my dad) On a previous ride I fell off the boardwalk at 9 seconds in.


Have you ever been mountain biking? If not, What is your favourite sport. Thank you for reading this post about my favourite trails, and please leave a comment.


Peculiarly Perfect Poutine

Hello everybody,

I love poutine. If you aren’t from Canada, you might not know what poutine is, so here is a post dedicated to poutine and its history.

Poutine is a food dish that originated in Quebec, Canada. It is made up of french fries, covered in gravy and cheese curds, and other toppings like bacon and other meats. It may look and sound a little gross, but trust me, it’s AWESOME!

La Banquise Poutine

Poutine itself was created in the 1950s, but it is theorized that it was based on a European dish called Chips, Cheese, and Gravy. Many parts of northern Europe have variations of this dish. While this still sound delicious, I think the it’s is the cheese CURDS and other toppings that makes poutine unique.

If you have not tried poutine, you can find a link to a recipe Here.

I hope you liked reading this post, and please comment with your URL if you did.

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This post was researched using the Wikipedia article Poutine

Decorating Tips

Hello readers,

As a part of the student blogging challenge, we were challenged to write a post about Halloween, so here is my guide on how to decorate your house.

What I typically do is start at the door and work your way out. If you have anything like a poster or something with a flat back it is good to put that on your door with some tape or thumb tacks.

Next you want to start spreading out. If you have bushes on your lawn I would recommend putting something that is like a string or caution tape, because that has a good effect and looks nice.

The next thing that I recommend doing is putting something like tombstones or other decorations of the same variety on your lawn.The final step is what I think is the most important. PUMPKINS! For my pumpkin this year, I am carving a nuclear symbol, because it goes with my costume.

                                     A "Silly" Pumpkin
Brian Sawyer via Compfight

Thank you for reading my post, and Happy Halloween!! 


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Blog Posts Worth Reading

I am really enjoying blogging! I am not only enjoying the part where I get to post things, but also getting to read other people’s blogs is awesome.

Here is a list of blogs that I read and commented on.

Kyler’s blog was mostly about mountain biking, which is why I read it. He also had lots of other stuff on his blog, so I recommend reading it.

My Comment:

Hi Kyler,
I found your about me post quite cool. I have just recently gotten into mountain biking, because I got an awesome new bike. Where I live there are some awesome trails that I love to ride with my family. I also read some of your other blog posts about biking, and I think it would be super cool to have a pump track set up in your yard. I found your blog really interesting and will checking in for more new posts.

Kyler’s Reply:

Thank you, I am very passionate about mountain biking as you can see. I do not know if you have heard of it but I have been going to Sea Otter Classic which is a huge bike festival. I really appreciate you reaching out to tell me about your mountain biking hobby. Ill make sure updates on the subject are coming!

Teagan’s Blog: 
Teagan’s blog was about mostly about hockey games that her team has played and how they went. I was attracted to this blog because I also play hockey.

Hello Teagan,
I found your about me post quite cool. I also play hockey and enjoyed reading some of your other posts about hockey. I can’t wait to read more posts and I will be checking back soon.


I enjoyed reading some other blogs, but these two were my favourite. I hope you enjoyed this post, and you can expect more like it soon.